August 18, 2013

You say tomato I say tomato!

It’s high season and the tomatoes are popping!

I saw many different varieties at The Dorset Farmer’s Market today too!  I decided on some cherry tomatoes.  Besides being great eaten out of hand I like to halve or quarter them and make a quick fresca.  By simply adding some basil & chives from our own gardens, white balsamic vinegar, good olive oil, and a little salt and pepper I’ve concocted a fantastic accouterment for our wild king salmon.  I might add a little honey to this normally but these fresh off the vine tomatoes are so sweet and juice there is no need…


Attached you will not find a recipe for this 😉

Just go get some awesome ‘maters and play with them!




  • Lauren

    So yummy looking and can almost taste it from home!