February 10, 2014

The Incredible Edible Egg

One of my many hats at The Dorset Inn and Barrows House is that of a Breakfast Cook. It’s one of the hats I enjoy most actually. Egg cookery is a skill that many cooks never master. It’s said that the folds in a classic Chef’s Toque represent the 100 ways to cook an egg. I don’t claim to know them all but I do make a darn fine Omelet. I am asked why my omelets are so fluffy. I feel there are two reasons. I like to use an immersion blender to beat my eggs. This ensures and well blended egg mixture. Also I fold my eggs gently as they cook in the pan. IMG_2550This incorporates air and also builds layers in the omelet. Fluffiness is the awesome bi-product!


Here’s a recipe for one of my favorite omelets..

The Dorset Inn’s House Smoked Turkey and Cabot Cheddar Omelet: Serves 2

6 Large Vermont Eggs (Come to VT and pick some up!)

4 slices DI House Smoked Turkey Breast ( I’ll sell you some at a bargin price if you ask Nicely!)

3 slices Sharp Cabot Cheddar Cheese

2 Tablespoons Cabot Butter-Unsalted

A little bit of Vermont Spring Water (Got’s to come here to get it)

Either use two small non-stick pans or one large non-stick pan.

Scramble the eggs well with a whisk or immersion blender.

Over medium heat melt the butter.

As the butter begins to sputter add the eggs.

Using a heat treated rubber spatula gently lift and fold the eggs.

As the omelet begins to take shape and firm up, flip it over.  (Go on, it’s fun!)

Add the turkey and cheese.

Squirt a little water around the edge (this keeps the eggs from browning and the steam helps warm up the turkey and cheese), cover with another pan or place into a pre-heated oven for a minute.

Fold onto a plate and enjoy with whatever you like!

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