June 14, 2016

The Balancing Act


super hero

When I was growing up, I’ve always heard the term “The Balancing Act”. I used to think it was about the person at the Circus who would walk the tightrope and balance their way from side to side, to the end.

After several circuses and years later I now know what it means. How, you ask? I play the role every day.

My name is Anika. A Mother of 4 and your AM Innkeeper at The Dorset Inn.

I moved back to Vermont ( my roots) after a 6-year stint in Colorado. I balance my way from Mom to Innkeeper every day and love everything about it.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be an Innkeeper, but low and behold I never thought that I would be a single mother of 4.
People say to me, how do you do it? I say… I just do. As a mother, you do whatever it takes for your children. As an Innkeeper I do the same and feel the same about my guests.

Every story has a beginning. Before moving back from Colorado I had heard nothing but great things about Lauren and Steve Bryant, the Proprietors of The Dorset Inn and Barrows House. From employees, friends, family, and neighbors I HAD to meet them. Upon my return I met with them over Breakfast (sold me right there, our Chef’s cook quite the Breakfast) and we discussed my situation and they discussed their needs and wants. Lauren and Steve explained, Although we are not family run and owned “We are a family operation”. We need a welcoming face, a real people person, and someone who is going to put the guest first and foremost. Our Inns are an experience and a part of history and memories for so many. We need someone who can help deliver that. Someone who is competent, reliable and will mesh and thrive within such a close-knit environment. We actually have a saying: ‘We don’t hire; we adopt!’”

They sure did Adopt and I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely family this one to be part of when I’m not running my own family. The staff here has been nothing but welcoming and over the top flexible and I thank them. I hate using that word staff, so let me rephrase, “Family”. The Kids get sick, they have field trips, plays, recitals, PTA meetings and as a Mother, it is very important for me to be part of that. So I feel blessed.

I never thought I would be able to do it. But I am. The next time you watch that person balancing their way side to side just to make it to the end, take a good look. They are probably smiling because they are doing what they love.

Fondly, Anika