May 24, 2016

Morel Mushrooms from the Ground to the Plate


Morel Mushroom season occurs during the Spring each year.  Morel mushrooms can be found around the roots of trees; specifically Ash, Elm, Apple, or Tulip trees.  Morel mushrooms are effected by the environment as well and tend to pop up after the first rain and once the nights start warming up in the beginning of Spring.


During Morel season the mushroom hunters show up at restaurant back doors throughout the country ready to sell their wares and provide chefs around the country with opportunities to produce decadent dishes with local, fresh, hand picked products.  What more could you ask for?


As chefs at Barrows House we relish in these opportunities to wow our palates and our guests alike.  We often offer such fresh dishes as this appetizer which encapsulates Morel mushrooms, King Oyster mushrooms, and Corn Truffle Puree.

Stop by one night and let us make magic for you! Happy Mushroom Season!

Chef Parker