December 31, 2015

A Labor of Love


Why did I come to work this morning at 7:45?  Well, in short I have stuff to get done.  It’s New Year’s Eve and we’re putting out special menus at both restaurants.  This means there is definitely stuff to get done!

When I got here my work station looked like this…


After an hour it looked like this…IMG_3804

And this as I made over 180 Short Rib Raviolis in Butternut Squash Pasta.  We’re frying them tonight and serving them with a Roasted Green Chile Bacon Aioli.  Super Yummy!

And a half hour later my work station looks like this again…  IMG_3806

For the next 8 hours it will progress through similar stages of neatness and less than neatness until we begin service.  And 6 hours after that I will head home to ring in the new year with my fiance.