Blue Jay Way

~The ground floor has a large common living room with TV, VCR, refrigerator, woodburning fireplace

~The second floor has a sitting room with queen sofabed, TV, refrigerator, and a gas fireplace.

3 Standard Guestrooms on the Ground Floor ~ 2 Standard Guestrooms on the Second Floor ~ WIFI Available

Rates are subject to change. Accommodations by Building

Blue Jay Way Accommodations by ROOM


Feedback: Lodging // December 2014

"Recently stayed at the Barrows House and dined at the Dorset. Unfortunately, our room was directly over the "new" bar and we heard the bass going until the midnight hours. Dined at the Dorset on Friday night and the food and service was disappointing. Although we didn't eat at The Barrows heard from..." - H P wayne, pa

Feedback: // November 2014

"I was disappointed. The bed was uncomfortable, the door to my room didn't lock properly, and there was mold/mildew in the shower. I walked out of my room and while attempting to lock my door I was accosted by a rather large dog which was off its leash. Finally, I was unable to sleep in the next morn..." - K A Northport